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Your Ultimate Guide to Wearing Men’s Jewelry

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Let’s just say it - When it comes to men’s jewelry, it’s really easy to go wrong.

There’s a fine line between sporting hip-hop jewelry, and looking like 2 Chainz... Or wearing a ring and looking like the Godfather. The key to wearing men’s jewelry is to do so nonchalantly.


  When we say “men’s jewelry,” we’re talking about a wide variety of add-on accessories that alter your outfit.  Watches, bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, tie bars, and cufflinks are all at your disposal to boost your look. As a man who understands current trends, should you be wearing all of these items at once? Probably not! Well, at least not at first… In time and with more confidence in yourself, you’ll be able to wear what you want, how you want to.


 Until recently, the glitter and glam of women’s accessories have dominated the fashion world. However, more and more designers are representing men when it comes to amplifying attire. 

Women tend to follow various guidelines when choosing jewelry pieces, and often know what jewelry to wear and when. It has to do with her activity list and mood. 

Men possess similar guidelines...When it comes to getting dressed for the office, gym, or watching the games with the fellas, some men prefer the bedazzled look of wearing lots of jewels. Other men find that a more simplistic style suits their needs. 

Because it’s taken so long for the fashion industry to adapt to men’s fashion, accessorizing may be uncharted territory for you. Perhaps you’re even under the impression it’s best left for rappers & rock stars. But we can tell you from experience that investing in a couple of solid pieces, and making a point to wear them with purpose, is worth it. These are keepsakes you're investing in, and you can wear them all the time. Here is an ultimate guide to wearing men’s jewelry, that will amp up your sense of style in no time.

And just so you don’t completely botch this up, let’s lay down some ground rules:

#1 Don’t Go Overboard

Probably the first and most important rule in jewelry is to keep it simple. Choose anti-layering, and please put down the five gold chains. You don’t want overpowering jewelry to distract from the rest of your look. Articles like leather bracelets, small rings & slim chain necklaces are ideal. This doesn’t mean you can’t branch out to more exciting pieces… Just try to establish a relationship between your jewelry and your clothes. Use your common sense and go with your gut. If you still feel like Flavor Flav, maybe tone it down a notch.

#2 Don’t Mix Metals

Most male jewelry consists of two metals: gold and silver. The tricky part is to match metals with specific outfits. As gold is a warmer color, it goes well with earth tones, like browns, and with deep hues, like hunter green and royal blue. Silver is more of a neutral tone and works well to refine black or dark grey outfits. You can wear silver with just about anything, as long as your accessories are also silver. 

Also, don’t worry if your wedding ring doesn’t match your metal color scheme. Your wedding ring will stand out, but that’s a good thing.

#3 Keep It Balanced & Proportionate

It’s all about balance, baby - and, well, numbers. There is a way to wear more than one piece of jewelry without looking like a human chandelier. If you’re confident in your jewelry wearing, go ahead and double up on necklaces. Be sure to stop at two, however. Anything more than two necklaces will look like you’re wearing a turtleneck. Keep the same method when wearing bracelets and watches as well. Two is bold, three is too much. 

 Also, go for items that are proportionate to your body size. After all, you don’t want your jewelry to wear you. If you’ve got a larger neck, choose a more sizable necklace. Try not to draw attention to your weird little fingers by wearing enormous rings. Also, bulkier bracelets won’t do your tiny wrists any good.

#4 Leather, Leather, Leather

Historically, people believe that the leather bracelet was a top contender for the sexiest accessory worldwide.  This is a funny notion because leather isn’t generally regarded as a sophisticated jewelry material. It’s value lies in its routine quality. Leather is something you can wear every day, and, dare we say it, on any occasion. A single, simple, quality leather bracelet is the perfect beginner piece if you’re looking to dive into accessorizing. It’s comfortable & attractive, so why not?

#5 Show Us You Care 

Let’s stop leaving sentimental memorabilia in a box to collect dust. A family heirloom, religious pendant or gift from a loved can be turned into jewelry and worn either daily or every so often. Symbolism mixed with style can add a sense of individuality to your look. Also, when a conversation opens up with a beautiful woman or friend, you’ll have plenty to say.

Tips for Wearing Men’s Jewelry for a Well-Put-Together Look

This guide covers many different types of jewelry pieces for him. We’ll also explain the best way for you to wear these jewelry pieces most appropriately. You’ll do well to remember that the overall rule to follow when wearing men’s jewelry is to make sure your metals match.

Put simply, if you choose to wear a white gold watch, your earrings, rings, and other pieces should also be white gold along with your belt buckle, the embellishments on your shoes, as well as your tie clip. It is the key to create a well-put-together look.

The Watch


This guide covers the various types of jewelry pieces for him. We’ll address the best way for you to appropriately accessorize, and because we care, we’ll continue to harp on the basic rules of jewelry wearing. 

Most guys prefer to invest in a couple of exceptional timepieces: A watch for everyday use, and one that’s dressier—You may also have a smartwatch in addition. A watch is probably the most-used piece of men’s jewelry. Fashion based and functional, a timepiece holds power to immediately elevate your outfit. But how do you know if your watch is adding value to your outfit or causing a hideous distraction?  

Here are some general guidelines to follow:  It’s typical etiquette to wear a watch on the opposite arm you write with, so that it doesn’t interfere with movements. You don’t want to look awkward avoiding your wrist when living your life. 

Also, make sure the watch fits; you won’t like it if it hangs down your arm or appears as if it’s cutting off your circulation. That being said, if you do need to downsize, hold onto the links as they can be of great value.

A classic metal, a leather strap, or a stainless steel watch has enough versatility to be worn daily. When it comes to everyday watches, you do have more leverage with style than you think. 

A hefty, round faced watch with ornate detail, (such as  a sub dial or date window) along with a textured bezel, can add a masculine kick. For more outrageous embellishments, you are free to color in silver, black, gunmetal, or gold.

Wearing Men’s Earrings

For most men, earrings are quite visible.  More than a few men working in corporate environments tend to shy away from wearing earrings for this reason. If you’re looking to get in on this trend, start simply by wearing small gemstones framed in dark, in solid neutral colors.

In times gone by, men accessorized by strictly sporting one earring at a time. Today, there is an overflow of possibilities in men’s attire, earrings included. Some men are into simple studs, while others prefer large, courageous earwear. The trend today is to wear earrings in both ears.

Wearing Men’s Necklaces


Unless you’re the super-flashy type, try keeping your necklaces basic and classic. For a simple jeans and t-shirt day, go with a gold or silver chain of medium length and thickness. In low key settings, try keeping your necklaces to a minimum. A stainless-steel cable chain can be quite masculine. Also, there are some remarkable leather and pearl necklace options for men on the market these days.

Wearing Men’s Bracelets

Men prefer simplicity when wearing a bracelet. That means it doesn't have a bunch of pendants and charms dangling from it. Your bracelet shouldn’t overpower your look altogether, but be complimentary. 

Men’s bracelets can go with any look, from a suit to a tee-shirt, you can pair bracelets with just about any kind of attire. You might be able to successfully add a simple touch to your gear, with the perfect amount of edge as well.

Many men turn to watches with leather, stainless steel, or classic metal bands to wear every day. Don’t be afraid to show off your style, try a  large round faced watch with a lot of details worked into the design. A semi-busy watchband can add some masculinity to your look. Popular color options when wearing men’s watches include gunmetal, sterling silver, gold, (both rose gold and yellow gold), and black.

Wearing Men’s Rings

The only ring that a man wears 100% of the time, without change, is his wedding band. Other than that, there are certain ways to wear rings, and specific styles that suit your individuality. Rings are a confident jewelry piece, and can help you create a look filled with swagger.

Personal Style

Just like with fashion, the most important factor in wearing jewelry is to keep it within your style, and to follow your immediate desires. If you like wearing a tie bar, wear a tie bar. And if you are new to wearing jewelry, look for inspiration around you (you’re already here, so that’s a good start). Finally, remember to ask yourself what kind of jewelry you are drawn to, and try it out!

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